The start

So I believe if you bake, you can call yourself a baker. And I love fresh baked cookies so hi I’m Nicole the baker. I was raised and still live in New Jersey, land of the bagels and pizza and shore life. I enjoy living in Jersey but my childhood was a bit of a mixed set. My parents were born and raised in Switzerland. My extended family all lived in Europe so I spent summer vacations at grandma’s house visiting cousins. I grew up in Jersey but my house was certainly Swiss, and when I think of my momma’s house the first thought is always a meal at the table. My mom learned to cook from her mother and goodness that lady could cook. One of my mother’s brothers went on to be a chef so the love of food is strong in these genes. Food to my family was always a happy fun time. Swiss food is by default comfort food. Lots of butter cream and heavy rich sauces to serve with the food. Granted we do always eat salad, sometimes multiple salads with the dinner but again the best salad dressing is a mayo based dressing filled with spices and herbs. Another big factor of how I grew up, my mom used spices and foods we would bring directly from Switzerland. My dad’s company moved him from Europe to the States so he would travel back for work twice a year. Mom sends him with an extra suitcase and he would bring back everything we needed to cook for the following few months. So some recipes we couldn’t share with friends and neighbors simply because we didn’t know how to make it with american ingredients. Still to this day, I don’t know how to make a brown sauce. I make it with the green box.

I learned how to cook from my mom. She did some baking during holiday time but my home baking truly started when I has off at college. Baking is fairly easy, grab a few ingredients mix and plop it in the oven. Also being away from home and family, fresh baked brownies makes it seem less daunting.  Then the allergies happened. As a child I could eat anything and everything. I did, I enjoyed food. When I became a teenager I developed a shellfish allergy, and noticed nuts agitating my tongue and lips as well. So I found baked goods are safest made at home for a person with allergies.

And just like that it began. I would make the chocolate chip cookies based off the recipe on the nestle package, brownies from the cocoa box and biscuits from a recipe book. Baking turned from food safe to eat to a fun activity and hobby. Being a young adult fresh from college I had crazy sleep patterns and a fairly quiet activity that doesn’t wake the roommates at 3am was baking. Plus the roomies loved the red velvet cupcakes on the counter when they got up.  Now at 29 I bake as a real hobby. I experiment and challenge myself with varying recipes. I don’t make baked goods for other people a whole lot since I do have times when the recipe does not turn out. And you can’t exactly test a cheesecake to see if its cooked all the way through without cutting into it. So I bake for family and close friends, people I know who would laugh at a failed cake.

So that’s the beginning, the start to my life of baking. The chef will be introduced next time. He’s an outgoing, smart, sweet guy that I love having as my person. 🙂